Greenland vs Euro??

Why would you choose one over the other? Also what would be a fair price to have a custom greenland paddle made?


re: Greenland vs Euro
I have a Bealle paddle and love it, and it cost $175, which I think is a good price for a custom madle paddle.

As far as greenland vs. euro…both have pros and cons. I enjoy using both types, along with a wing. Only way to know which one you would like better, is to try them both.

in a fight?
A Euro has more cutting potential but the GP acts better as a club.

A good custom GP is around $150-200 for a single piece of cedar, $200-300 for a nice laminated wooden paddle, and $350-$450 for a carbon paddle.

My personal favorites are Beale paddles for wood ( and Novorca paddles for carbon ( both which are custom made to fit the paddler.

My-my-my Alex, but aren’t we spoiled…
Beale and Novorca - Beale and Novorca

Just don’t get any better for wood or Carbon…


Hey I do still have a couple GPs that I carved from some Home Depot 2x4s! I just don’t have woodworking talent so I rely on others…

Survival advantages

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In a pinch you could burn a GP for warmth or, if was very soft cedar, break it up for a splint. But the carbon paddle might be better for bashing fish over the head, maybe best a wing backwards, so it may be a toss-up between the two.

Seriously - this is one that is better tried out than talked about. As to price, you can carve one yourself, pay a friend to do it or get those gorgeous inlay jobs that cost a bunch more. It all depends on how much you like it and how custom you want.

Novorca vs Superior
I never seen a Norvorca paddle in person, only pictures. Any significant difference from the Superior carbon GP?

An article
I wrote an article on GP vs. Euro for Atlantic Coastal Kayaker years back. You can read it if you want:

for the record, you have to try them and decide because they both have certain advantages and although I mostly use a GP I sometimes enjoy using the Euro. The Euro will give you stronger rudders and that CAN be an advantage in surfing.

yup, it’s custom fit.

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The Superior carbon blade is very nice and Mark Rogers is an excellent craftsman. With that said, his carbon GPs come only in set sizes and his looms are too thick and wide for my smaller hands. Part of the appeal of a Greenland paddle is to have a paddle sized to fit your body exactly and its nice that Ron Steinwall is making that a reality for carbon paddles. Plus the Novorca paddles come in funky colors if you so desire which is a nice change of pace from the standard black.

If the Superior blade fits your body/hands it's a great paddle particularly since it now is offered with the Lendal lock two piece option. However, it is considerably more expensive than the Novorca right now since the Novorca paddles are currently on sale according to the website.

Nice Article
It explains things very well. Thanks for posting it.

Choose the superior civilization
Clearly, from the way the Euros and their descendants are rapidly destroying the world, the Inuit civilization is far superior. That alone is reason enough to use their lovely paddling technology.

–David (not so ;-)), unfortunately)

I’m very happy with my Superior GP, it fits me quite well. When I ordered my wooden GP (Beale) it came basically the same size like the Superior.

Nice to know there are now options for “custom” carbon GP.

I Recently Learned…
A Euro stowed on deck can scratch the boat’s finish badly. A nice cedar Greenland does not.

Euros Work Better For Surf And WW

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IMO, because of the better catch and acceleration in a shorter, concentrated blade area. Because you don't have the buoyancy to fight when you need fine tuned ruddering strokes.

If I were long boating, then, yes, I would use a GP. I think it fits that venue better.


Living in SW Florida it was good riddance loosing the Euro. Surf is one thing, but for general touring the GP rocks.

Any body can paddle with a 2" x 4 ",
but it takes a little skill to use a technical paddle like a Euro !

I especially notice this when I am paddling with my greenland paddling friends.

They can never figure which way is up!



I wouldn’t exactly call the gp a 2x4. I’m quite comfy paddling with a Euro…just don’t find it as efficient for touring, which is really all “most” of us do in FL.

I started out using
a euro paddle and after having shoulder surgery I found that I could paddle for a longer period of time with less discomfort using a greenland paddle. The greenland paddle allows you to grip the shaft with your hands closer and this gives you less shoulder movement. I have used a greenland paddle ever since and have enjoyed it’s versatility. It is a very efficient tool when you have learned the techniques to get the most out of it. I would get both types of paddles and learn as much as you can with both.

You should be able to get a nice greenland paddle made for you for $150.


I have been practicing using my plastic paddle and am getting better, heck I even managed to find my way back up without even using paddle.

Actually I let my wife use my brown boat & 2x4, and now she won’t give it back. Despite buying her a new Avocet (She says it’s ok, I can keep the new boat. Gee thanks :slight_smile:

I knew I would get a rise out of you !