greenlander pro combing to high!

Anybody have a problem with height of combing

on greenlander pro or any other ndk boat.

When trying to lay on back deck it gets in the

way and at front I have a tendency to hit occassionally with paddle. I’am wondering how

greenlander pro LV would fit. Probably same

cockpit size like explorer LV except lower.

never had a problem
I have paddled several NDK boats(Explorer Regular, HV and LV, Romany reg, hv, lv, Greenlander and pro) and have never noticed a problem with the coaming being to high to lay backwards, or banging the paddle in the front.

Have you tried another Greenlander Pro, it could have been made by the boys in the factory after a big night in the pub.

Probably just mine
I thinking its probably just mine. I’ve read

other comments on greenlander pro with combing

being to low at back & having trouble getting

skirt on.

how old?
I had heard that the older ones didn’t have a recessed coaming - so that is why I ask. I had a Greenlander (2006) OC and it had no such problems.

That being said, the front deck on the OC is high if you are used to low volume boats though. Thats why I got the OI OC instead.


How tall are you?

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NDK boats don't generally have this as a reported issue, but if you really should be in an LV version and you're in the full size I suppose it could happen.

Greenlander pro
I don’t think it was designed as a rolling boat. They wanted to make a Greenland look alike type of boat - hard chine for selling kayaks to round out their line. Hence the fake deck stringer creases.

I think the coaming is a bit high too. They had it in their hands but weren’t thinking rolling. Doesn’t make it a bad boat however.

after a big night in the pub.
NDK are among the most ‘hand made’ of boats.

Coamings vary greatly from boat to boat. The most common NDK coaming problem seems to be being so low as to make it difficult or impossible to get on a spray skirt. I have personal experience with this issue and had to sand back the coaming on my Romany to increase clearance between coaming lip and deck.

not the oc
I can lay back with almost no effort in mine. The backband is also better than the one I had on my pintail.

I actually like the increased foredeck height in the OC greenlander, it gives me a place to stretch my knees from time to time.

to me , it seems hard to get down close to the front deck for forward finishing rolls…the front deck is high, but because it’s also an ocean cockpit, the hieght affects my ability to hug the front deck because that hieght is so close to my body. rear deck recovery rolls are very sweet.

Best Wishes


You should have purchased
A Gulfstream or an Andromeda

to ≠ too

rear combing
The rear of the combing is same height as day

hatch which isn’t recessed on these boats. Just

from looking at pics of other GP’s, there

combings look lower.

Greenlander pro LV
Has anybody paddled or own one of these, I was

wondering how it would fit. I’ve never seen

one of these. I don’t even think maine island

kayak has one.

An NDK boat that MIKCo does not have is unlikely to exist on this side of the pond :wink:

I’ll call
I’ll call & see if they have any. I don’t

think they’ve had to many orders for this model.