Greenlander pro

I’am very interested in greenlander pro but

have no where to test paddle close by. Was

wondering if anybody owns/has experience with

boat. Was told its similar to caribou but

quicker, my take on caribou felt like it pushed

alot of water when up to speed & not lively

enough. So any take on speed, handling would

really be appreciated.

I had one for a while
and liked the handling. I hated the seat and the cockpit coaming was low in the stern so only skinny randed skirts would fit and the skeg was finicky… but it really did not need one. If the coaming was correct and the seat a bit better, I would have kept it instead of my old Nordkapp. In my experience, it handles like my Khatsalano.

greenlander to nordkapp
How did greenlander compare to nordkapp for

speed, manervability. Have a bit of paddling

in h20 nordkapp. I have pintail which I love

but looking for 2nd boat

Hard Chine (very)

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Greenlander Pro is a true hard-chined boat - it isn't going to go anywhere unless you have it fully over on edge. In that way it is obstinate compared to a Pintail.

I only have anecdoctal info on speed, but as I recall it is one of the boats that regularly comes in with the front pack in races. Faster than the Caribou I am pretty sure.

greenlander pro as tourer
Was thinking greenlander pro for trips 2-5

days. Needed boat with a bit of speed &

liked the look of greenlander pro. Also want

to try out nordkapp lv. The reason I was

considering greenlander was i found one really

cheap but a bit of a drive & was trying to get

some info on boat first. First & foremost

always paddle before buying.

My Nordkapp is an old model
with an intergrated skeg ( it does not turn). Speed was pretty close but I really liked the Greenlander’s handling better. It turned really well on edge and was pretty easy to edge and hold on edge.

Worth a bit of a drive
Just pay close attention to the cockpit coaming, the skeg and to the layup and glass. A few NDK boats have had large sections of stern without fiberglass under the gelcoat. I am a Romany owner.

ndk qc
About the fiberglass or lack of, do you look

inside hull for lack of material.

Get a good look inside the hatch covers
with a flash light. Also push along the glass and feel for soft spots. Hope the boat works out for you. It really is fun, well designed boat.

qc tips thanks
I’ll definitely check whole kayak over before

buying. Thanks

who makes khatsalano

I have the standard greenlander and would recommend you try whatever you are looking at before buying - but I’m pleased with the stout layup, the speed, handling and as a 1-2 week trip boat.

a narrow long folder with internal spo&&&s which you can inflate to your choice of stability.

Cost for the new one 4700 msrp.

Round Cockpit Greenlander
I had a new “original” Greenlander built by NDK several months ago. I was nicely surprised to see that the new ones have the new NDK skeg system and now the round cockpit is recessed in the back as well. The boat is very lively, fast, turns easily and edges very nice. To me its the nicest boat I have owned, and that has included a Nordkapp Jubilee, Arctic Hawk, Explorer, Outer Island, etc.

I just love those hard chines, creases, and angles with the low rear deck.

The Greenlander Pro model is about 5 inches longer, a little less rocker and has the large keyhole cockpit that allows you to sit and then bring your legs in.

As others have said though, paddling it first is most important! No sense saving a few $$$ on a boat and then having to sell it anyway…


Nordkapp lv
The new nordkapp lv is a boat I really want to

paddle, the only about nordkapps is that

higher front deck.

I’ll just have to paddle more boats, the problem

being I’am in Ontario & its pretty impossible

to find ndk & valley(very limited stock) to test

paddle. I’llhave to go in to NY.Maybe atlantic

kayak tours

just watch out for the family jewels
when attempting the cowboy scramble reentry!

Anything short of a whitewater boat…
…is obstinate compared to a Pintail!

I would put the Greenlander in the same speed/handling class as the Nigel Foster Silhouette. Speed-wise, it’s similar to a Nordkapp. I also had a Nordkapp HS and the Greenlander is definitely more maneuverable, probably on par with the drop-skeg versions of the Nordkapp. Weight-wise, it’s heavier than all of them!

I had a Romany .
with that problem too.

'kapp LV

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Last I checked AKT did not have a Nordkapp LV on hand. Call ahead. The new Valley models were kind of scarce this season. I demoed a 'kapp LV at The Kayak Center in R.I. It is a fun boat. I'd love to try one in conditions.

kapp LV
I know that Sweetwater in St. Pete, FL. has a demo LV, so if anyone is roaming around Florida this winter.