Greenwood Lake NY

Greenwood Lake Ny has always been a risky place to paddle with all those motor boats zipping around. Not now!!! The lake was drawn down last fall and has not recovered ( or filled up yet). The lake is around 4-5 feet lower so there are no motorboats on the lake. I spent 6 hrs on Sunday and saw only 3 other kayaks, a canoe and 1 golden eagle. It’s a great time to enjoy a lake that is otherwise dangerous. Best launch is greenwood lake dam, its about a hundred yard carry to the water. Enjoy this rare chance.

Spent some time there as a kid. Do you
ever hear of Quack-in-bush road ?

Privately Owned
With almost all the shore line in private hands I’ve never found a place to launch. Fishing is supposed to be quite good.

Brown’s Point?
I’ve often wondered about this park in W. Milford. Anyone know if canoe/kayak launching is permitted there?

Brown’s Point
There is a sign there that prohibits boat launching.