Greenwood Lake, NY

Does anyone know a FREE launch spot on the NY side of Greenwood Lake, NY? I have spots on the NJ side but not on the NY side.


Hawthorne, NJ

I wish I did.
And if you would be so kind as to share a place to put in in NJ I’d be grateful!

Out of season, I have launched from Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park at the end of Windemere Ave. You can go about 4 miles down the east shore to Sterling Forest where you can launch at the Castle Tavern which is out of business and being sold.

I can’t help with launch sites - I drew a blank in the Quiet Water guidebooks for NY and NJ on this body of water. Isn’t Greenwood Lake kind of crowded with speed boats? It looks like it has a heavily developed shore line.

Monksville Reservoir is only a couple miles away, and is mostly undeveloped and limited to electric motors. There’s a nice grassy put in at the north end along Beech road (north of the highway overpass). Oh, and it’s free.

Greenwood Lake… Free?
Ha! Good luck.


Yup! Monksville

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Ah' live about 10 minutes fro' thaar. Paddle thaar al de time. Great place, but it be open ta gas motors up ta 10hp too.


speed boats
In season you are correct about the speed boats.

Ah yes
Forgot about small gas motors being allowed - maybe they could help chop up some of the lake weed that starts to clog up the north end at the end of the summer…

Greenwood Lake, NJ SIDE
At the end of John St. There is a small dirt lot with the remains of a swimming platform and ramp that goes into Greenwood Lake Creek. Its Free and public.

Greenwood Lake, NY
I’ve done Monksville a few times and kinda bored of it. I get up EARLY to paddle so I beat the mad rush of power boats. I haven’t gotten to explore the NY side yet, only the NJ side and Greenwood Lake creek.

Monksville allows gas motors under 10 HP

I’ve launched my canoe at the lot next to the dam at the outlet of the lake in the southeast corner of Greenwood. It’s a bit of a carry to the water and I’m not even sure about the legality of launching there, but I have a number of times and nobody’s ever said anything. Once there was a cop in the lot and he ignored us.

I’ve launched at the southeast end near the dam where the water leaves the lake. There is a parking lot there. It’s a bit of a carry to the water, and I’m not certain of the legality of it, but I’ve put in there several times and nobody’s said a thing, even a cop who was sitting in the lot one of the times.

Thank you
For the places to launch. I’ve been dying to fish the lake. With any luck and good weather I’ll be floating my boat upon the waters this weekend!