Grey Owl canoe paddles

Are these paddles decent enough for flatwater daytripping? Campmor here in NJ has the base model (Scout) for $35, which seems awfully cheap (less even than the Bending Branches base model ‘Loon,’ altho’ they weigh the same). Are these simply the “Sony” (“no baloney”) of canoe paddles, i.e. functional but not fancy?

grey owl makes good paddles
I’d be surprised if the Grew Owl Scout weighs as much as the BB Loon.

The Scout is a little less durable (and therefore should be lighter) but I’d rather spend a day with a Scout than a Loon.

Grey Owl Scout is a very nicely made paddle for the money. You can’t go wrong with it, unless you are doing WW, where you may need something a little stronger.

I think that both the Scout and the Loon are very fine paddles period…and they just happen to be inexpensive. You can’t go wrong…but it’s also good to look at them and feel them and try to pick out one that’s straight and light with some flex.

Good Choice
The scout is the same shape as the voyageur, only made of lighter (less durable) wood. If not on a long trip where breaking one would be a hassle, and if not doing much moving water, the scout is a great choice.

Grey Owl makes a range of paddles
Some like the Scout are day trip functional.

I have used a Voyageur for four years all summer in the boreal forest…some tough paddle…sometimes we have to go upstream as part of our portage trail work.

I have tripped with a Grey Owl FreeStyle when it was made in wood… Looks like a delicate stick but after eleven years is still hanging in with no splits. I use it about three weeks a year.