Grey Owl Hammerhead

Wha Ho, Pilgrims

Any o’ you folks know waar in blazes ah’ kin git a Grey Owl Hammerhead canoe paddle. Seems nobody carries dem anymore. They still be listed on Grey Owl’s website, but every one of their listed dealers in de US dat ah’ called is either no longer a dealer or will not special order from them. Is Grey Owl Co. pissin’ US dealers off??? Guess ah’ gots ta go up ta Canada fer one. Any idees? Thanky kindly.

Fat Elmo

Grey Owl will sell direct
When I was looking for Freestyle and Marathon paddles last year (which are discontinued), Grey Owl was willing to sell them to me from their own inventory. They arrived well-wrapped in a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know if they would be willing to sell direct if the paddle is still being sold through dealers.

– Mark

Probably, and UPS
Most sell direct, they just don’t undercut their dealers.

Use UPS to ship to the states, much cheaper.

Good luck, the Hammerhead is a good paddle.

If you can handle the aesthetics of synthetics, the Aquabound Edge is even better.