Grey Owl "Marathon" bent-shaft canoe

Anybody know where I can get hold of one of these wooden canoe paddles? The model name is “Marathon.” Grey Owl made them in the '90s but discontinued them since – not sure when. They are distinguished by strips of veneer laid diagonally on the blade, but I’m talking about the “Marathon” bent-shaft, not the “Freestyle” straight-shaft. It’s my favorite paddle. If I can’t buy one, I might have to spend even more money, on a carbon paddle.

Desired lengths are 48, 50, and 54 inches (my right arm is very long). If I have the option, I prefer the older-style knobby grip.

The first six pages of Google’s results turned up Western Canoeing’s inventory of six paddles (I bought three of them – just so you know I’m serious) and a guy in Germany who might or might not have inventory (e-mail duly sent). Other suggestions?

– Mark

Wave track Canoe had stock last week, as I recall.

The owner is named Gary. His service has always been top-notch. If you are shipping from Canada, I think UPS is the cheapest way to go, but he might know better.

I like that paddle too.

Fox worx
Makes some great bent shaft paddles that may be very close to what you want. Just contact Dale or Bev Fox and they will talk you through the selection.

No but…

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I own a Marathon. Beautiful paddle in many ways, but just how many do you own and when will you have enough. I’m not knocking your acquisitions; I would do the same if I was so inclined (allowed). Just curious.

Does anyone know why Grey Owl discontinued the Marathon? It also seems that they are offering less wood options in their traditional line.

BTW I did see a freestyle or two at a local paddle shop for well below retail if anyone is interested. It's the Backpacker in Baton Rouge La. I was interested, but they’re a little short for me. Speak with Dale and be sure to tell him Matt sent you (yes, I’m looking for a kickback and no you probbaly won’t get a better deal).


they make you one (or more…)
Grey owl is a pretty small company and I bet my old canoe hat that they make you that paddle if you ask nicely!

You might be required to buy through your local dealer, though.

I own a few Grey Owl that never made it into the catalogue for choice of wood- they got to the dealers to poll their opinion on them…

happy paddling,


too much is never quite enough

I have three Marathons. I’m interested in getting one or two more short ones to use in my new canoe, which has both kayak-style sit-on-the-floor and canoe-style sit-up-high seating options. Maybe I’ll get another long one and store it, since soon they won’t be available at all.

I figure that will be enough to last me at least twenty years, given that my old one lasted eight years, and who can plan beyond that?

Plus one for a friend.

– Mark

Grey Owl Marathon Paddle
The Paddlin’ Shop in Madison, Wi. has some.

608-284–300, or