greyak--carbon fiber and saran wrap!

finally surfed a bit at weshots and your pics and loved the one where you are testing the kayak with saran wrap, it just looks cool (the plastic wrap) juxtaposed with that high tech Superior GP !!

Test day was fun!
Over did the wrap a bit maybe. It was in the water an hour - with different paddlers - and I even rolled it a few times. Many layers of (otherwise thing and stretchy) pallet wrap, and the taped edges made a big difference.

Actual skin is tighter and doesn’t stretch the same way - so the boat rides a little higher now.

When I get ambitious again I’ll pull the skin, chop the ribs & stems down an inch, and re-skin it - along with a few other tweaks. It’s pretty sweet as is, but I think some refinement is worth it (but not enough to build another until I want something very different). Chopping this one will make it easier to work on rolls (gets me closer to the water), a little better fitting, a little more stable (keel will flatten a little when I spread the chopped ribs), and even less affected by wind. It will still be pretty deep and have some freeboard for general paddling - still not a super LV rolling machine (Like Paul’s - which I just about submerge, but fun to roll!).