Greyak, help, Trim Tab

Greyak on my QCC the seat and coming are one piece unit, is it the same with yours? why, because my skeg release OEM is attached on the keel line directly beside the seat pillar…so i am wondering how you got to the inside of the hull to install the new trim tab??? with the pillar in the way??? and does this make sense?



Should fit fine

Unless QCC has move the cleat forward? Even so, you could just patch those holes and drill all new.

If you stick to the location on the seam at your right hip - the trim box will be installed at a cuved point and not sit 100% flat. This poses no problem.

cleat def. forward
to match the existing cleat the entire black operating apparatus in your pic will behind (between) the seat pillar and the hull of the boat…no biggie, will patch and re-drill…thanks for making it clear.