Greytak - harmony Typhoon impression?


Greytak - you’d purchased this paddle last fall, and were going to share your thoughts: I like wooden paddles for the weight/feel - and am thinking about purchasing one from eBay.

If you’d care to, I’d appreciate hearing your, or anyone else’s opinion of this paddle.


It’s a paddle
You get what you pay for holds here, but at the steeply discounted price I can’t really complain (worst case I can recycle the ferrule). I will likely only use it as a loner/roll practice/variety paddle on rare occasions. Looks OK, workmanship/finish not stellar but adequate, pretty light.

In other words, I really can’t compare it fairly - in a paddle to paddle review sort of way. For me to even find a euro acceptable to get by with for actually paddling over time, even as a rental, it pretty much has to be on the level of an ONNO, Epic, foam core carbon Werner for me not to hate it while paddling.

I’m really spoiled when it comes to paddles. To me, all euros pretty much suck - though my hybrid GP/Aleut/Wings (my favorites now, followed by Aleut, then GP -and all close enough to be favorites on some days) are more technically euro than not I suppose.

I should move somewhere with WW and learn to swoon for spoons, but ain’t happenin’ for now.

harmony typhoon paddle
I only paddle wood, and I had a bending branches before this one. I bought the harmony cause it was super cheap. I like it just fine. I have had no problems with it so far, but I’ve only had it a year.

Lovin’ The Stick Again…
I find the GP working great with my SOT. Nice, lazy stroke for trolling a tube and worm. Best result with speed under 2 MPH. The stick works better for that than my BIG spoons. :slight_smile:


PS. Now I get those comments again… “What’s that you’re paddling with?” “A 2x4… I am cheap and want to spend my money on lures.” LOL!