Grip on a GP for forward stroke

Simple question (famous last words.) When gripping a GP for a basic forward stroke, do you place all of you hand on the loom, or do you loop your thumb and first finger around the loom and place the rest of your palm and three fingers on the blade?


Paul S.

hand placement
You’ll want to do the latter, namely keep all but your index finger and thumb on the root of the blade. You’ll see that if you extend your hands, this will automatically place your blade in the forward canted position. For more information, see: . Have fun, John

What he said. It works either way, but you’ll miss out on a lot if you try to grip it like a double bladed canoe paddle/euro.

This is why loom length matters.

Note: Some commercial paddles are made for the all loom grip and uncanted (or added cant vs. natural cant) paddling style - like Betsie Bay. To me they’re not really the same thing. That’s fine - lots of room for variation - but the marketing is not “full disclosure” in the sense that folks new to GPs aren’t likely to notice or understand the differences.

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that’s how you do it.