Grip on kayak bent shaft paddles

At Canoecopia last March, one of the Werner salespersons indicated that one should not grip a bent shaft paddle on the bent portion.

I have since purchased a bent shaft paddle and the perfect grip for me, and perpendicular to my shoulders, is the bent portion.

Perhaps I misunderstood the salesperson but what would be the purpose of having a bent shaft paddle if you do not grip the bent portion?

That is ambiguous

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The grip is on the blade side of the shaft after the first bend. You don't hold it on the elbow of the bend but on the straight section afterward. If you are holding it correctly your wrist should not be bent.

Thanks Dr. Disco
That is where I’m holding it; between the two bends on each side. The Werner salesperson adjusted my hands to hold it after the second bend on the straight portion nearest the blade which I do not understand at all. The salesperson may have thought that that was the best alignment with my shoulders.

I think I am doing it according to your description.

Thanks for responding.

check out you can see a pic of where you should be holding the shaft…

Thanks Corgimas- from the
illustration it looks like the paddler is gripping the shaft partly on the bend closest to the blade; not on the straight portion between the two bends. Is that your observation?

It may be a characteristic of the Werner
On my old Double Dutch “Double Torque,” one grips the straight portion between the bends. If you are not certain, check which position minimizes wrist abduction/adduction, the goal of a bent shaft. My bent shaft forced me to spread my grip wider than I had been accustomed to with a straight shaft. If I placed my hands between the outer bend and the paddle throat, my hand spread would become outright ridiculous.

Grip it between the bends… NM