Grippiest neoprene gloves

My NRS hydroskin .5mm gloves split at the seams after 1 season of use. Anybody swear by an alternative? Don’t need to be thick but they need to grip a wet paddle…

I loved my NRS Mavericks enough that I completely rebuilt parts of it with cloth backing and … can’t recall the name of the thick black adhesive for gear repair.

Any of the good ones I’ve used are expensive and fall apart quickly.

I use scuba pro or cressi for diving. Both very similar in quality. Available in various thicknesses for different climates. I think I pay around $30 a pair. I like the suede esque palms myself. If you really go through them you can get Kevlar reinforced neoprene with the same suede esque palms.

Never thought of suede as grippy, but I guess divers use their hands plenty. Interesting!

I have an old pair of Sealskin gloves with a dot grip. Only used them twice, since we haven’t seen anything close to a freeze around here for far too long. They held well that time.

they’re not actually suede. They’re some kind Of synthetic. don’t have the tags anymore so I couldn’t tell you for sure