Grizz baar ett me canoo...

Las’ night some dag-blamed grizz baar started ta ett me canoo. Must o’ been a ‘yaker baar. Nuttin’ but trouble tay be.

Dear God did he eat the gray thing!?

Thar wuz, BLUD on da SADULLLLL,
en, BLUD on da grounnnnnd.
En two, piles ub chewed foam,
foam all aroundddd

Looks like the Joizey Bear Jamboree is in need of a Walt Disnatoni cement reboot.

Who’d a thunk the bear necessities included an Elmo pew?

Yew wer hidin yer beanie weenies in that seat, eh?

Just lookin’ for spam man! He knew you put Spam on a pedestal! Looking for Spam in all the wrong places.

Spam and Beanie Weenies?
Beneath a foam pile seat?
Canoe bear out such dangerous passage
unto aisle of some ex-Crete?

I guess Yogi (not the one who took the fork in the road) is now smartin’ as the irregular bear?