GRO update

Anyone know what’s going on with GRO? Do they still have the Waterford store? Who’s the new owner?

Rhode Island
I saw an add some where that listed GRO being in Rhode Island. I am not sure what is in Mich. any more.


Google search still shows site active…
Look at:

Note fon number area code is now 401. Address is One Phillips Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852

No longer much of a site. Only a list of dealers. Apparently no on line sales, no store, and very little information. Looks like it is just the site of a distributor now.

Really too bad, so sad, another one down! :^(


Back of Sea Kayaker shows web site…
But no more store address in it’s latest issue(April) that I got a few days ago…

FYI from another thread here:

They’re in Wyandotte and picked up VCP.

I spoke
I spoke with the new GRO people in RI. Incidentally it coincided with my rant on companies not tending their websites… At any rate, they say they’re working on a new site. They won’t say when it will be up, nor why they won’t update the majority of the current site to reflect the new ownership and location. This is a pet peeve of mine. Some people seem to have more slack for it, but I for one don’t understand it. Personally, I think more highly of a “Page Under Construction,” than a totally outdated or misleading one. But whatever, to each his own.

The GRO site banner says…
‘Please pardon our appearance while we update our site.’

I don’t think it is so bad for them to leave up the pre-existing information while they update.

I’ve had very good and prompt email exchange with folk at the ‘new’ GRO.

Hey wow
That banner hasn’t been there for long, I know it wasn’t when I contacted them. But kudos to them for putting it there.

That’s the same address as a major kayak dealer in the area…I wonder if there’s a business connection other than the fact that the dealer in question also sells Valley boats?


Hummm … Stan’s daughter lived in NE,

Hummm … Stan’s daughter lived in NE

somewhere in one of those New England states.

Do you suppose that she is the one that took over the distributorship and store? Would certainly explain why it did not stay local to SE MI. Hummm …

Happy Paddl’n!



The VCP Kayaks are being reped by The Kayak Center in Wickford R.I.

Wow, that’s big news. Did Stan sell the distributorship? Maybe he decided to retire. The Kayak Centre will do a great job. I’ve dealt with them a lot and respect their operation.

Word I read or heard was that Stan was retiring.

The Kayak Center is very good and very responsive. For those of us in the Northeast, it is also more accessible than Michigan.

for those of us in Michigan it sucks
but what can you do.

i talked to stan on the phone just after the article in Sea Kayaker came out, he retired and sold the business, the retail store in Waterford is closed and I think the space will be let out to a new tenant.

It’s very sad the more I think about it. Definitely, the end of an era. I’ll miss talking to Stan or seeing him at various demo days. Oh well, life goes on…