Grohmann Russell Sheath Knife

I have been considering getting this knife for quite some time. All the survival instructors I worked with raved about it. They were a much coveted item particularly if you could seduce a Canadian survival instructor to give you one of his issue ones. Now I think I’d like to get one. It’s been awhile since my survival days, anyone that can comment on the recently produced models could help me out. Here’s a link to the knife.

Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Got one years ago from Duluth Pack. Great knife…

Fat Elmo

Duluth pack and Piragis northwoods(I think).

I live 8 miles from Grohmann factory
I have kayaked there from my house. Not sure what the shipping regs are regarding knives, but if I can help, I’m your huckleberry.

Magoo and Oneriver
Magoo, thanks for the offer of help. My impatience and impulsivness led me to a small internet shop in New Glasow, NS where I got not only the “original” Russell, but the #2 Trout & Bird knife as well.

Oneriver, the maker was D.H. Russell out of someplace in Ontario.

New Glasgow
Now THERE’s a lovely little town… 8 miles from the Grohmann factory. Glad you got one!