Groover Selection

Okay I know this probably isn’t the best topic, but I’m planning a trip down the Green River this spring. Consequently I’ve got to figure out a toilet system. I’m just wondering if any of you PNetters can reccomend a suitable Groover system for the river.

I’m looking for something BLM and NPS approved that is leakproof enough for throwing in the back of my truck for pheasant season.

Experiences recomendations. Thanks!

Boom Box
by Eco-Safe.

I have both sizes and they really work.


PETT with WAG bags
Good systems that folds up into the size of a briefcase.

green river
What section are you going to run?

Different sections are administered by

various govermental agencys.

Desolation canyon by the blm.

Labrynth canyon by the state of utah,

and cataract canyon by the park service, etc.

This spring, the state ranger at the labrynth put-in had never seen a ‘torpedo’ style groover and was a little reluctant about it until I showed her how it worked. (just the theory, not in action)

see ya down river


Check in with the local outfitters they can rent you the appropriate devise.

Hi Darren!
We were thinng about doing about 25 miles below Flaming Gorge Dam and then “portaging” south to Moab and doing Stillwater Canyon. So we need a groover that works for the NPS ad the BLM. I know we can rent one from Tex’s for the bottom half of the trip, but we need one for the top section of the trip.

What is a torpedo style groover? You aren’t peraps the Darren of 3D River Adventures are you? Paddle On and thank!


They might not leak but they will still stink if they have vent valves.

Don’t buy a translucent boombox. Friends of ours got so disgusted with being able to see through theirs that they painted the box. You really do not need to see through it because you’ll be opening the lid often enough anyway!

The torpedo style might refer to the PVC tube system that I call the “poop pipe.” Directions for making one of these are posted at the BLM Rogue River website. Warning: because these do NOT vent, you must never get urine in them.

I have a poop pipe but have not yet used it (we took the boombox to Lake Powell due to, errr, volume considerations/trip length considerations). We had originally planned to make two poop pipes but could not buy two sets of the screw-on caps with the flush-out ports. The RV shop guy told us that most of the caps now are made with bayonet-type fastenings rather than threads.

My understanding was that the NPS
still do not consider this one acceptable although most BLM sites do.

Have both the small 20-use capacity
boom box along with the bigger 50 use. The 50 is a little easier to “handle” as it is normally enclosed in a rocketbox. It does not require that though. The 20 I usually carry inside a heavy duty plastic bag and just roll it partially down when setting up. That way, as someone else noted, you don’t have to see how everyone’s digestive track is working. My favorite is to rent anything but my own from an outfitter. It’s like 20 bucks and they clean it.

Directions for Poop pipe

"Reliance Hassock"
Wife & I Paddled the Green from Green R, UT to Spanish Bottom then back up CO to Potash over 13 days this past Sept. Inquired w/ Tex but rental was gonna cost $80 & $25 more if I prefered they deal w/ contents afterward rather than cleaning it myself.

Discussions w/ NPS, who also issue permits for BLM section or river & know their regs, indicated the above system was acceptable for both areas.(System must be cleanable & reusable) You can pick one up for just under $20 @ Wally World. The 3.5 gal pail was way more than adequate size. We lined pail w/ heavy garbage bag, added a capful of bleach after each use & twist tied it shut. Despite never having to deal w/ this particular LNT issue previously, we hardly noticed it was along - no offensive odors.

Groovers from Tex
I live in the east wheregroovers aren’t needed. So why own one, when we head out west? By the time we get canoes out there, or rent them, the cost of renting a groover is insignificant. We rent and let Tex’s clean it out. Spread the cost over 6-8 people, and I’ll pay anyone $10 to clean out my waste, and I don’t have equipment that I have to store.

But, I’d pull out your NRS catalog and check what they have…


green river
Hi llama,

the ‘red canyon & browns park’ section of the river from below the dam to the gates of lodore has alot of improved campgrounds on the left side of the river. Fire rings, picnic tables and concrete out houses, etc. Dont know if your in to that kind of river tripping or not. Normally I try to camp away from all that, but with much more than three or four people, it sure simplifies alot of the details. They are spaced close enough that you can have long or short days on the river. Any good map of the area will show them. Amazing thing was, we had these campgrounds all to ourselves, so that really was a bonus.

The groover I built from the plans on the rogue river blm website. It works well, but as all groover I’ve seen or used, it does have a’gross out’ factor to it.

No, not the guide guy, just another wandering western river water addict.

See ya downriver,


Do you know if not including their
jetboat shuttle was why they quoted that high price? Never paid more than $25 for their toilets before and that is the quoted price on their web site. How was the paddle up to Potash? I’m tired of the shuttles and am thinking of something like what you did.

Renting from Tex

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Now that I think about it & check some notes, Tex didn't want to do business w/ me - said they much preferred pkg deals & didn't wanna bother "piecemealing services". Owner,w/ whom I exchanged a few e-mails was very helpful regardless & refered me to Canyon Voyages. (Believe Tex's advertised groover price requires you also use their jet boat shuttle. Tagalong's $30 price also required using their shuttle.)
For a 25 user day system Canyon Voyages quoted a price of $7 for 1st day, $4 each add. day. A 45 user day toilet was $8/$6. Both $25 extra to dump.

The paddle up to Potash was easier than anticipated. Took us < 21 hrs total paddling time over 3.5 days in our Wenonah Jensen 18. (@3200-3800 CFS) "The slide" just above confluence required some eddy-hopping, a ferry rt, & hard paddling to clear. Indian Creek raps had to be lined. We much preferred upstream paddling to the jet boat option

Thanks for all the responses, and all the knowledge and experiences.

I ended up using my Boaters Bucks and buying a PETT toilet from NRS (Only cost me shipping!)


P.S. Darren, hope to see yah on the River!