Groovy manatee

I removed the post.

It was originally meant for nature lovers, and it turned sour!



it was turning sour however I wouldnt assume that those of us who feel strongly about exotic removal are not nature lovers. Florida has been seriusly degraded over the 40 years that I have lived here and I have been very involved with Audubon Societ in both studying it and advocating for protection. Healthy disagreement is fine but I was merely posting contact information for experts on the exotic issue.

Well Said NM

I have lived in South Florida since 1962 and visit the Everglades year round. I have seen this area go through many changes. Exotics have plagued South FL in general for hundreds of years. The pythons range is extending beyond the Everglades to include the Big Cypress and areas further north. The worry is that they are on top of the food chain and pose a real threat to our native species which include a few that are on the endangered list. As a nature lover I want to protect this valuable resource. If that means erradicating a threat to this ecosystem, so be it.

Non-native species?
Wouldn’t that include most of us?

Since that time, most of the ruination
has been done by man.

Go to the south entrance of the national park right now and take a look at the hundreds of acres of raping that the “South Florida Water Management” is doing.

Makes me scratch my head when no one complains about it. Your state government is the invasive creature that needs to have it’s brakes put on.



What state government?
We have a grossly underfunded and inefficient wildlife agency system that capitulates to the development interests.

You have that right
another example is the the southern portion of Naples where more and more of the wet lands are being turned into monoply villages.



is a good example. It helps to have visitors like yourself who value the natural and dont want to bring the strip malls with them. Of course many locals havent done a great service to the area either. Having said that the State still has many unique and beautiful spots that do indeed belong to us all and call out for wise stewardship.

I’m curious
Jack, why did you post this here if you feel the way you do?

It was in answer to Groovy Manatees
post asking why the other was deleted"

He asked, and I answered

I hope that satisfies your curiosity