Ground transport on Vancouver Island

I’m trying to arrange transport from Toquart Bay on Barkley Sound to Gold River (Nootka Sound). 2 people and 2 kayaks. Any suggestsions? I thought I’d found a business that would do this a couple of years ago, but can’t find them now.

Thanks for any help.


fyi for anyone else considering this…
Well, just an fyi in case someone else needs to do this sometime.

The cheapest way I’ve found to do this is to rent a car we can put two kayaks on in Port Alberni. Then drive personal car and rental car to Toquart Bay. Transfer gear. Driver rental car to Comox and drop it off there. Comox Valley Kayaks can then provide a driver and vehicle to take us to the MV Uchuck for $120. MV Uchuck to Friendly Cove for $40/person and $20/kayak. Not too bad really.

Sure would like to find a private float plane that would meet us at Toquart Bay Campground Marina and fly us up to Friendly Cove. This would save us over 24hrs of time on the front end of the trip. Apparently, new CA laws state that commercial carriers can’t strap kayaks to the pontoons anymore, but a private plane could still do it…anybody know of a private float plane and pilot that could do this safely?