groups/clubs in S.OH / E.KY. ?

Ironton, Ohio area. Looking for kayakers to associate and learn from. Current boat is Tsunami 125. Looking at long boats for longer excursions. Scott

your kind of in between in Ironton,
Cincinnati and Dayton have paddling communities, The Keelhauler club is in Northern Ohio. Central kentucky has several paddling groups. I’m in wv, and belong to the wvwa. We meet in Charleston, but take trips throughout the state and surrounding areas. A few of our members are in Eastern Ohio but a greater number of our members are in the Huntington area which is still not that far from Ironton. We tend to be ww oriented but a number of members (including myself) paddle in lots of different environments. Check out the website for more info. Think about posting an introduction on their message board website.

Huntington not too far
Only 18 miles to Huntington. Would drive to Charleston if there are any “Lakers” there. My wife is opening a rental livery at Lake Vesuvius next spring but I am ready to stretch out to bigger waters and longer boats. Would be nice to find mentors.

pool time (roll sessions)
will begin in Jan at south charleston rec center, check wvwa website in a week or two for details. I hope get out and paddle over thanksgiving break- check wvwa message if interested. I usually like a bit of current- rivers and streams.

Meet up group
Bluegrass Canoe and Kayak. A flatwater group, some kayak campers.