groups for particular states?

Is there any interest in having discussion groups for particular states. It would be nice if the some posts can be put in a group for that state, like posting about particular parks, lakes, etc.


state groups
I would be interested. I like to travel quite a bit and it would be fun to tie in some paddling.

Yeah, that’s just what we need…
…fifty more groups. There are more than enough groups here as it is. If you want to start a state-specific group, you’re better off to do it yourself.

Crossing State Lines

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Most of the 'groups' that get together from P-Net include folks from various states and usually are defined more by a region than a particulat state (ie. many of the Duckheads are in the Mid Atlantic area, rather than from the home nest in Maryland).

There are state specific trip reports in the 'Places To Paddle' section and all of the 'Getting Together' posts are labeled by region.

State lines crossing
The state line runs through my front yard.

Which group do I belong to?

Just put the state in your title
Some folks seem to forget this is a

(inter?)national board. They ask a question about a lake/river which has a name so common there is one in every of the 50 states!

The one that really got me chuckling is “looking for kayak partner”. No state, no area, no skill level, nothing! Sure, I’m from…err…The Chek Republic. I’ll be happy to be your paddling partner. Ooops, Chek is land-locked! OK, how about white water? ;o)

Lots Of Regional Groups Already…
these serve a very useful function in getting local paddlers together. Also, given that the folks generally know each other on regional boards, one can chat and OT like crazy without getting on other folks’ nerves… :wink:

I don’t think this is the place to do it beyond the getting together session. But It’s very easy to start a yahoo group for that. We had a Yahoo group for two years before evolving into a more polished message board.


Pay up
Whichever one makes you pay taxes.