Grow Your Own Mushroom Canoe?

Although the real magic for me, is eating them and then going for a paddle…

Reminded me of Cheech and Chongs fiberweed van back in the '70’s. Does imbibing on a piece of canoe turn a pond into cl.5? perhaps a whirlpool.

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I started on one of those mushroom canoes once.

I used my Bell Mystic to cover some camping stuff in a rainstorm on the last day of a late autumn trip once. After that trip I took it home, stored it over winter, and since I paddle solos most of the time, it stayed on my storage rack till the middle of the next summer. When next I used it, mushrooms were growing on the underside of the wooden deck plates and the gunwale ends. They rotted out the wood and it was shot through with hyphae.
I had no desire to ingest those particular mushrooms, though I am generally fond of mushrooms. In fact, its a local delicacy here. There’s a little town just down the road from where I live that has a mushroom festival every year. (They say there are a thousand stories in that small town. And every one has a morel.)


a groaner! We are missing the campfire!

We are indeed.

Even with admiring the creative spore-growing effort, The 'sroom canoe in that article weighs a 100lbs! (At such weight, Cheech y Chong would be too stoned to attempt a Kilo metric conversion…My old green fiberglass Canadian canoe(otherwise known as “Frozen Maple Leaf Snot”) hasn’t been used in a decade because it weighs almost as much as the floating toadstool–I’d absolutely have to be high on something to even think about lifting it by myself ever again for a solo paddle.

From ship to shore
Katy Ayers in spore,
and keels one heavy cuss
to tumble home fun Gus.

Still, now mycelium, now I don’t… lift a hundred pounds. Got anything in Shiptake’ Light?

The Sedgerow Wooly Psilocybin Canoe,
expanding tight interiors beyond the yak that gnu,
paddling down rabbit holes a’ chasing,
what’s gunnel a get ya thwarted in spacing.

Just go ask Alice.