Gruman G-129 Solo Canoe


I looked at the G-129 this weekend and am thinking of buying one. I would like to hear any comments from those who have paddled it.



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Thanks Angstrom,

I tried the archives but must have done something wrong because nothing came up and I spelled Grumman correctly that time too.


I’m an aluminum boat guy and gave
very serious consideration to the G-129. I called Grumman several times with questions and studied the specs. Here’s my rational: 1) Its a heavy boat considering the 13 foot double-ender is just a couple of pounds heavier. 2) It is not recommended by the manufacturer for rocky rivers.

3) It has an external keel that seems to “stick” to rocks. 4) There is no tumblehome to make your reach a little easier. 5) It is a flat bottom boat with hard chines making it unpredictable when leaned. 6) Aluminum canoes get hot enough to literally burn your skin when out of the water and in the sun. 7) The prices keep going up. I think it was $790 when I first inquired and went up to $850 when I was going to buy one.