Grumman 129

Forty-five years ago I spent many hours paddling Grumman canoes as a sea scout. Now, at the age of 62 I am about to retire and really want to get back on the water in a solo canoe.

I see that Grumman is manufacturing a 12’ 9’ solo called the 129. I’d really appreciate any information regarding this canoe. Thanks in advance.


Plaidpaddler reviewed it- see archives
Look under “grumman 129” solo in subject line. He and his partner liked it a lot after paddling it a couple hours. It has a keel … so it tracks fairly well and is a solid little boat with little structural flex apparently. About $700 bucks.


Grumman 129
Thanks Shawn. I’ll check it.

grumman 129 solo
cant find it?

Type in grumman 129 solo


remintn and click on author.

Grumman 129 solo
Found it. Sounds good. Thanks.

I talked with the folks at Grumman today and they say that the seat can be moved (rebolted) fore and aft to change the trim on the 129.