grumman 13ft ultrlight

I was wondering if anyone knew the value of a 13 foot Grumman ultra light?

I’ll have to duck out on this one.
Selling or buying? If you shoot ducks with shot or pixels, though, a 13 foot Grumman might be real nice.

grumman 13 foot ultralight
I shoot them/w both, and like it the same either way!The photos don’t eat so well though. LOL

I bought one the other day. I thought I got a great deal, but just wanted to see what everyone else thought. I know that most on here are aluminum haters, but I have some 40+yr old aluminum canoes that still don’t leak, and some newer ones made out of other (bomb proof materials),that need fixing! LOL. JMO, I will put up with the heat and cold and the noise, and we have few rocks here. I like aluminum! This guy is real thin and light, only 45 lbs I believe. Any guess on value would be appreciated. Thanks

Are you buying the one on DSM CL?

Always hard to guess what some one
might pay, when there are few being sold to establish some benchmark.

When we went into Quetico in '73, Grumman lightweights were common. And durable if not abused. But when our outfitter picked us up on Basswood, there were a couple of sheepish guys who ran one Basswood River rapid too many in their rented Grumman lightweight, lost some gear and food, and tore the boat up some, though they were able to paddle it well enough to get back out, begging food from other parties along the way.

Ultralight means ultralight. Wonderful if you have a feeling for what it will take. Watch out for those Avenger ducks.

13 foot grumman ultralight
Yep it sure doesn’t look as tough as some of the new light weights, But at 300 bucks I wont complain! I could have bought 4 of them used for the price of one used mad r. royalex canoe that was in as good of shape… I will not be using it for any class 4 stuff here on the prairie! LOL It is going to be used to float some small secluded sandy bottom streams, and river backwaters. It will come in handy at 45lbs, to carry into some of the federal waterfowl production areas that I cannot get my heavy canoes into. The gentleman that I bought it from already put air hose on the little girl to make her more quiet to paddle. I am pretty pumped to get her out and test her out.

I will make sure to watch out for any hard headed avenger ducks too! LOL