Grumman 17 ' ABS?

I am looking to purchase a family canoe for tripping on lakes and slow moving rivers. I am looking for a 16 or 17 ft. canoe that has excellent initial stability. I was looking at some local classifieds and came across a 17 foot Green Grumman ABS hull canoe. It has two caned seats, wood gunwales and thwarts. It is labeled as a Grumman Boats Model 6K, Marathon, NY. Capacity is listed as 700 lbs. As far as I know I have never come across a non-aluminum Grumman canoe. Does anybody know anything about this model? The asking price is $400 and it looks to be in good condition from the pictures I have seen.

I do recall Grumman marketing such a
boat, long ago. Except ABS and the 16 foot dimension, I can’t vouch for the details. At the time, it looked like a faster cruising boat than the ubiquitous Blue Hole OCA knock-offs.

I wouldn’t run it in serious whitewater, because by now the ABS layers may be more brittle.

Non Aluminum Grumman
Never saw one in ABS. But did see one in fiberglass. Nice hull,great trim, very similar to the Wenonah Sundowner. Heavy and expensive doomed it. If they did ABS I would wonder who molded the hull?


Grumman 6K
Did you purchase this boat? I just got the same boat a few days ago, and don’t know much about it. Let me know if you found any information…i appreciate it

I have this boat and am looking to sell to get a lighter boat for my kids to manage on their own.
Will sell for $200 OBO in Upstate NY.