Grumman "bicentennial" edition

Hi all,

New to this site but not to canoeing. From what I see I like this place!

Have maybe a “TOUGHY” for some of older timers (like myself!). A few years ago I was lucky enough to purchase a 1976 17 ft Grumman bicentennial edition canoe. It’s in excellent shape and was wondering if anyone would know or steer me in the right direction to find out how many were made, how rare, maybe what is it worth, etc. Have done some looking on-line but Marathon boat (purchased Grumman canoe) had no answers and I’ve had no other luck on-line.

It’s a great unit…made 2 trips to the BWCA but was hoping to maybe part with it for something lighter. and IF I sold it (sensing some resistance?) wanted to know the “particulars”

Thanks in advance