Grumman Canoe Date????

Picked up a Canoe today that has been in storage since early 70s. Guy remember fishing with his grandfather in the 50s from this Canoe. Need help figuring out exact date of Canoe. Front Badge reads. 774A-5-13. Any help will be appreciated.

Look for a plate riveted on the right stern. On mine, at least, the last characters stamped on that plate are 78G-7A. I bought this one new in 1978. I believe they’ve been using that numbering system all along, though going back to the 50s is going back quite a long way. Don’t know what the G-7A that follows signifies.

Before 1984…

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...Grumman didn't use the now standardized format.

It's a 13 footer built from .05" aluminum. And it was number 774 of batch A.

Unfortunately, I don't know when batch A was made. :-(

But I suspect that it could be as old as the early 1950's.

Google search

Grumman 774A-5-13

Excellent advice
It’s actually a Virginia class submarine! Good find. Those are worth some money.

Did they make those in poly?
If you call Marathon boats…


…they will know.