Grumman Canoe no HIN

Hello all, new here. Trying to find info on my 15’ Grumman canoe. Picked it up recently for a great price but… no hull number anywhere. Illinois does not require a title or registration, but they do need a HIN for a “water usage” stamp. I also have a 1975 17’ Grumman that has a HIN stamped on a plate that’s riveted on the side. The 15’ is clean and has no “extra” holes anywhere. My question is, has Grumman always issued HIN numbers with there boats? here is a photo of the serial number. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time, Doug.

I believe you are looking at the HIN It wasn’t standardized back before 1972

Called Marathon N.Y. and they confirmed that no hull I.D. was issued before 72’. They said that it was an early to mid 60’s canoe. Only thing left to do is call this screwed up state’s IDNR, to see what hoops I will have to jump through to make this legal.

They have to have some system to accommodate boats built by the owner as well as older boats like yours.

If you haven’t been able to resolve this yet, you should (should) be able to register the boat with DNR, by indicating it was built before 1972, and that yes, this is the HIN. Another option is to ask them to issue you an HIN, which you then get to have engraved on a plate, and rivet it to the canoe. But the first option should work just fine.

DNR is aware of several issues with the current system, and is getting less unreasonable than it has been in years.