Grumman canoe price consult

Bear with me not having the best info possible here, but what’s

  1. a fair price and
  2. a good deal…

    …on an old (year ?) Grumman aluminum 14’ two seater? I know it’s at least 30 yrs old, showing it’s age, but in pretty good shape with

    -all rivets in tact and firm

    -one marble-sized ding low twds the bow

    -peeling floor paint

    Tried web searching but am coming up empty.


Good luck
Personally I am not a fan of short canoes and 14 ft is very short unless it is a WW play boat. As far as values goes, I would not pay more that $200 for it and good deal would be a $100. If it was 16 or 17 ft it would be worth more ($300-$400). Make sure this canoe is satisfying your needs before you buy it.

Hard to find but worth the trouble
I got my 14 footer in about the same condition and age as you are describing. Can’t remember the exact amount but it was somewhere around $300. I will be buying another one and soon as I find it.

Get them while you can
I saw a bunch go to the recyclers recently. Didn’t look too bad, but when the price of aluminium goes up high, the old canoes/johnboats start heading for the scrap yards around here.

I used to see folks selling canoes etc along the roads, - - - not any more. I’ve been watching for two years now, and haven’t seen anything for sale.

Fair price
I’d say a fair price would be $100 and a good deal would be $50.

savvy seller
A savvy seller will not let it go for less than they can get at scrap. The price scrapyards are paying for aluminum in your area times the weight of the canoe will give you a rockbottom price.

Fair price
Whats the sellers asking price?

Can you live with that?

If you can, its a good price.

If you get it, apply a little T.L.C.,paddle it a few years ;you will probably be able to resell it for what you have in it.

In my neck of the woods I would easly pay $300.00

If your from up in north Jersey;some schmuck will probably pay you to get it out of his yard to make room for his new ski boat.