Grumman Canoe - Stern/ Bow removable plugs

I just purchased my first canoe, and am very excited to get it on the water. Its a Grumman 17ft, and the number is 2011A-3-17. any idea on age?? Ive seen alot of numbers floating around the site, but not one like this…

Also it has a removable sealed cap on the stern and the bow below the decks. what would that have been used for? keep gear dry?? i did notice upon purchase there was some water in each of the cavities, but the boat was sitting for years prior to my purchase from an estate sale, so not sure if it worked its way in over time.

any help is greatly appreciated!

iirc, those little decks fore and aft contained a foam billet for flotation. Based on an out of boat experience I had 50 years ago at camp, they do work lol. No idea on age, but no concerns. Grummans last forever. It will outlast your ability to pick it up anyways.

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Thanks! i figure it had to be something like that. I’m sure given its good condition and age already, it will easily outlast my ability to move it :slight_smile: