Grumman Canoe

Have an old grumman 17’. Tag has grumman 31939 GP 17.

Interested in what that information refers to. 17 is 17’.

Would like to determine age? Anyone have answers?

Thank you.

Pretty sure the 939
Is the SPF value.

Maybe not though.

To determine the age you really need the Hull ID Number. Check just below the gunwhale on the starboard stern on the outside if the hull. Link below explains how to decode it, which includes date of manufacture.

Old Grumman
Pirate this one predates the HIN system for canoes. There will only be a small oval plate on the bow deck.

Grumman serial numbers can be decoded by the factory for the old canoes. The trim, ribs, keel can also put it into a general time slot. The old numbers are pretty much “serial” numbers that began with the first post-war (WWII) canoe production.