Grumman fiberglass

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Anyone remember the Grumman 18 ft fiberglass flat water boat? It was keelless and had a sliding front seat. It was a red/orange color. I had one for fishing years back & I'd like to get my hands on one now. Failing that, who makes a long, sharp entry and exit, fast, great tracking boat?

Oneida 18

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The answer to your prayers...wouldn't part with ours, unless we could find one in kevlar. Goes like a rocket, tracks like a train...

Oneida 18
Thanks for your reply. Who makes the Oneida model please?

Wenonah 18’ Jensen
The Grumman Fiberglass may be the rarest composite hull out there from a manufacturer. The hull shape was quite good for its time and its biggest drawback was how overbuilt it was. Very very heavy for a glass hull, but very stiff. Never saw any color but that strange orange with dark wood trim.

Try the Wenonah 18’Jensen for a fast light straight tracking canoe, or the slightly longer and deeper Minnesota II. or the slightly shorter Escape.


Grumman royalex?
This one seems to be somewhat rare also. I bought a used '79 green grumman (16ft i believe) canoe that we believe is royalex. It is heavy with a flat hull and aluminum skid plates. Haven’t seen this one anywhere and grumman didnt have much info on it either. Apparently they were made for a very short time and stopped as too costly to compete with this material. Anyone know how long this material will last?