Grumman Freighter Canoe Features

I acquired a canoe many years ago. I would like to sell it. It is older, and I think it may be a square stern freighter canoe. Does anyone know the features of this type of canoe? Thank you :slight_smile:

The hull

there’s one on
my lawn next to the Kiekhaefer !

will post a photo

amazing what gets dragged in …

Freighter canoe

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I own a 19' freighter it has 12 ribs , on top of stern plate large diamond shape ring, aft extra support for outboard, has the t shaped keel and it weights 120 lbs, has seat in front one behind that then where operator sits .also spray rails down the side . Mine is old also not sure has iowa issued numbers stamped into top of rail in rear . Iowa did this for pre 1972 canoes Grumman did not put any marking into there older Grumman canoe ,excep for the round plate with model numbered front