Grumman Royalex Canoe?

I recently found a Royalex Grumman 16’ canoe for sale online for $250. Is this a good deal? I do not know much about Grumman canoes, and didn’t even know they used to make anything but aluminum canoes. If anyone has any information about what quality Grumman’s royalex canoes were or type canoe this might be it would be greatly appreciated. Is the price of $250 really a deal? I am guessing the canoe is older, I have seen pictures, and it looks to be in good shape. Thanks for any help.

found this article

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'cuz ya' really piqued my interest. Never knew Grumman got into Glass, then Royalex, but found a pretty decent article here. The Royalex section starts below the pictures.
Can't help with price. It's worth what it's worth to you and only you.

I recall seeing a Grumman Royalex
back around 1980 during my lucrative career as boat inspector for the Southeastern races on the Nantahala. I recall seeing some Grumman ads also. The boat was shaped to be faster than, say, a MR Explorer, but the hot Royalex boat in the cruising downriver class back then was the Keewaydin from New England.

Safe to assume

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that Grumman never invested in an oven, a 1000 gal vac plenum and a big vacuum pump - they'd be using same if it existed.

That hull was probably a trial balloon subbed from a RX builder. So, who had excess RX capacity a couple decades ago? Maybe Mohawk, maybe Bluewater, maybe Uniroyal, in which case the length may be miss-represented?

What are the serial numbers on the right stern under the rail?

Well, the Grumman Royalex was not
the ubiquitous Warsaw clone of the Blue Hole OCA. The Grumman I saw was heavy, as Mike said, but the hull was clearly faster than the OCA. And if someone made the hull for Grumman, I never saw that hull design surface under another name. Well, it was a decent first try, but not that good a hull.