Grumman Sail rig

I am looking for a complete sail rig with lee boards, mast and rudder, for a Grumman Aircraft canoe made in the 1940"s. Any info in locating this would be greatly appreciated.

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for Grummans shows a sail rig, but none is listed in the accessory section. Confusing. You should contact them directly.

The dimensions and construction details of the modern hulls are identical to the ones from teh '50s, so new accessories fit old and vice-versa.


two days late
A complete Grumman set sold on e-bay on Wednesday evening. Final price was $102.50.

selling a Grumman sailing canoe at this website, and maybe they will sell the rig separately:

another possible source

get the 75 sq ft sail if you can find on
We have an old sail rig for 15’ Grumman. Hadn’t had a chance to use it for several years, but got out once this July .

Grumman had two different rigs, one they recommended for 15’ boats (45 s.f. is what I seem to recall it was) and 75 s.f. for the bigger boats. We have the 75 on our 15 footer, and it will fly with a good wind. When I took it out in July, it was in very light breeze - I don’t think it would have gone far with a smaller sail.

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