Grumman serial number

I just bought a used 17 foot Grumman canoe. This is the number on the plate near the front of the craft:


17 must mean 17 feet but does anyone know what the rest is? Can you get the year of make on that? Thanks!


I don’t know, but…
Here’s a link to those who do…

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The Hull I.d. Number is in the rear of the boat.

The HIN gives you the date of manufacture.

That # up front is just a model #…I think.

Go check it out at this web site , and click on hull # on the left.

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not totally sure
but if i remember correctly, i was told that the month year etc is listed (must be the first part) then the weight of the hull as there was a heavy model and a more lightweight model - possibly the middle- that would leave the 17 as the length. Call Grumman (Marathon Boats) they will tell you

grumman serial number
I found out from Marathon. The first five numbers are the serial numbers. The B means 1960s date of manufacture. The 5 means 050 thick aluminum.


B or G
Now I wanna go look at mine.

B or G means 1960.

I think mine (was Dads)is a 1965 model.

Woops where did I get B from? The letter on mine is G!

G = 1960


Hello! This looks like an old thread but I was hoping one of you could help me identify this boat. I picked it up from an Estate Auction. I believe it may be mid 50’s? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Call Marathon Boat Group…

607 849-3211

It’s probably the same age as the motor. The motor has been repainted, but has the shape of a Johnson or Evinrude (those two companies were basically identical in the 50s and 60s, if I’m not mistaken). It should be relatively easy to pin down the approximate age of the motor based on its styling, because there are certainly websites for enthusiasts of vintage outboard motors. Just based on childhood memories and very little else, I’d guess that the motor could be from some time in the early 60s.

I’m no expert, but to me, the gearshift/throttle control looks to have been added on relatively more recently, like maybe as far back as the 70s or 80s, and the steering system looks more modern than the 50s as well. The original steering was probably a spool on the steering shaft, wound with a pair of cables running through pulleys along opposite sides of the boat to the motor. You may know all that, but if not, might find it interesting.

@Guideboatguy said:
…The motor has been repainted, but has the shape of a Johnson or Evinrude (those two companies were basically identical in the 50s and 60s, if I’m not mistaken)…

It looks like someone got a deal on red paint. :wink: He painted the motor, the interior, the trailer and even the trailer’s hubcaps!

And you’re right, both Evinrude and Johnson were owned by Outboard Marine Corp (OMC) of Waukegan, Illinois who also owned ChrisCraft, Grumman’s boat division, Lawn Boy, Cushman and a slew of other names. Unfortunately, OMC went bankrupt in 2000 and Bombardier bought up the Evinrude and Johnson brands.

Hello, Thanks for all the info. The motor is an Evinrude Speeditwin. I believe 28hp. It looks as though the Gentleman was restoring and modifying it before he passed. It’s a very nice little boat.

Evinrude made various models of Speeditwins from the late 1930’s up to 1950. . Most of them were 22.5 HP. Is there any sort of ID plate on the engine.

Yes, we found the ID numbers on the motor and it is a 1962 Speeditwin 28. The trailer had a title but the boat did not. Because of it’s age it has no HIN plate to be found. Just the Metal Boat Company plate with w

hat appears to be 10.6–14R …? I did find and purchase an ad for 1955 The metal boat company Grumman Aluminum Boats and it appears to show a similar model called the High Speed RUNABOUT. Thanks.

The interior of the boat is not just painted red. It appears to be powder coated. The paint jobs on the motor and trailer appear to be professional quality.

I’m glad you found out all the info and from your photos it certainly looks like everything was very well refinished.

That’s all very interesting. I love those old boats and motors.