Grumman, Shallow Keel: Only On 17' ?

Has the shallow keel Grumman canoe always only been made in the 17’ length?

Currently, it is only made on the 17’ Standard. I was wondering if it was ever made on the 12’9" Solo or the 13’ tandem, and there was a chance of finding a used one.

Grumman models pdf:

Technically, the version with the shoe keel is it’s own model, not called “standard”. Besides the shoe keel, it also is a more rugged boat overall with 4 additional ribs compared to the model with the standard keel. I have never heard of the shoe keel being used on any model except the heavy-duty 17-footer.

I have only seen the shoe keels on the 17 foot tandems with extra ribs. I have been told that this model originated as a result of a special order request by some early whitewater boaters in Tennessee, a couple of whom I know or knew. This was in the pre-Blue Hole era when the only alternatives for whitewater tandem canoes were fiberglass and wood and canvas. Once Royalex became available, there would have been relatively little demand for this type of modification, so I doubt Grumman would have offered it in other models.

My first “whitewater” boat was a 15’ Grumman with the shoe keel, mid 1970’s.

A Solo 12-9 could be a great river boat. I have the regular 12-9 Solo.

I have seen literature talking about 15, 17, and 18 foot shoe keels. I have not seen any mention of the ones you are asking about.

Is this of interest? It is in the Poconos and cheap. Not my canoe or sale. I just saw it.