Grumman solo canoe

Does any one out there have experience with the Grumman solo canoe? It looks like it might work as a knock around canoe for rivers and streams. Any experiences?

Here’s a previous thread on the Marathon

G-129 Solo
yes it will quite nicely as just what you state, a knock-about solo.

I wrote the review referenced in the earlier thread. I am unchanged in my opinion after several years. The price is probably the biggest obstacle to its sales success. Its now too close to some better paddling Royalex canoes. It will still be a good Scout Camp canoe for small solo paddlers.

It is a good canoe for fishing and small stream work. It would not be my choice for a long distance day on open water; 10+ miles on a lake.

It is plenty deep and has very full ends, so boat wakes and waves are not a problem. Being short, the keel does not inhibit paddling like a keel on a longer tandem. It will sideslip and turn nicely. Much easier than the same solo manuevers done in an aluminum tandem. It will keep pace with most royalex tandems paddled casually. It has no bad paddling traits, only the usual aluminum comfort problems of heat and noise. Both can be cured with piece of outdoor carpet or foam in the bilge and paddling on the seat. I used a piece of closed cell foam insulation to kneel on and to pad the seat.

I paddled nonstop for over an hour and only got out so my partner could try it.


i gave it serious consideration
but the price went sky-high so I took it off my list. I remember it had a flat bottom and a keel.