Grumman sport boat

So this past summer driving down the road with my wife I see this old canoe/boat leaning against a fence with a hand painted sign “for sale 150”. She says “don’t even think about it”…so after a trip to the ATM she helps me load it on top of the car. What a cool boat, three bench seats, narrow enough to paddle, but with oarlocks and stable enough to walk around. Anybody else have one of these, or know much about them??? It a square stern and rated for a 5 hp. So far I have just paddled it around a lake for catching crappie a couple of times.

First two sentences are classic!

Don’t know anything about the Grumman Sport. But I do know a little about wives and it sounds like you’ve got a good one!

Terrific boat.
You’re going to love fishing from that. Use the oars. It’s much, much easier to solo row a boat of that size than to solo paddle. Also, if you have a companion with you, you can take turns on the oars. One of you can handle the boat while the other fishes, and switch off.

One of my favorite sounds ever is the sound of gravel crunching under aluminum as you push the boat out into the misty flow in the dim light of dawn. Such promise.

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My wife took a photo of that boat upside down under a maple tree on the edge of a lake. There is a thick mist coming off the water. The early morning light gave everything a ghostly look. Its one of those pictures I look at whenever I need motivation because it just oooozes promise of something to come.

I have one, sort of…
it sits in backyard waiting for my son to come get it.

A fine craft for fishing, to be sure. If you want to see what a steal you got, check Marathon Boat Works website, they still make the sportsman, and it ain’t cheap.

My brother and I bought this one for my dad back in '87. I think we paid around $850, and picked it up in Marathon.

My son grew up rowing that thing around, and that’s why it waits for him now.