Grumman vs. Oswegian

Hate to do a repost, thanks booz talkin for the suggestion.

I looking into getting a canoe, mainly to use on various Rivers and small lakes. If your familiar with this area (North Jersey), things like the Rockaway, Passaic river. Maybe a stretch or two of the Delaware.

I was looking between two brands of Aluminum 15’ canoes.

Osagian and Grummann I read a lot of praise for the grumman but not much on the Osagian. Im kind of enticed by the Osagian stated maneuverability and control (As their website claims). Any one here to vouch. I feel the grummann will be the better choice, but interested in hearing counter arguments.



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Team used an Osagian in training and in the race and from what I can see they are every bit as well made as a Grumman. Having paddled different models of both I really saw no difference. I also know several outfitters who rent Osagians and I am told that they hold up pretty well.
Personally, If I was buying new, for the same or even less money I would probably go with Royalex over aluminum, if just to save 20 to 25 lbs in weight.

Both Good
I have paddled many Grummans and Osagians on rivers and lakes both empty and loaded with gear and firewood, coolers, kids, etc. And from what I remmember Grummans are a bit thicker metal and heavier and the Osagians are a little more manuverable.

Either way you cant go wrong. The differences are slight. You wont wear either out, ever. And once you get the boats feel youll be ok with either. These are both excellent boats. Test paddle each if you can or rent each. This is a good idea because you will have this boat till you die of old age. I own an Alumacraft ( just as good as these ) and its a 1966 and its been threw hell and back and still ready to go just pound out dents with the rubber mallet .

I would possibly go with the Osagian even though the Grumman is the king of Aluminum canoes. Like I said they are both very fine boats.

I don’t think you will save nearly that
much weight. Ten pounds, maybe, for comparable hulls, and the aluminum will be stiffer.

Thanks for the info.

Ill try and give both a test. Hope ill be able to soon post vids and pics of my boating adventures.



secure storage
Put it somewhere safe with a lock on it. Aluminum is high priced right now and people are stealing canoes and trying to sell them for scrap.

Carbon fiber is also way up in price,
but fortunately, there’s no way to recycle it!

Hi, Peter. Is there any reason you’re only looking at Aluminum? I grew up on the Passaic River back when it was so polluted you could use it for firestarters and I remember it having its fair share of rocks. Why not look at a used Royalex? Regarding Grumman, they make them near where I live now and the folks who work there take great pride in their product. If I were to buy an aluminum canoe, I’d be happy to give them my money. Good luck with your search.

Based on stats from
Osagian, the 17 footer tips the scales at 85 lb. A 17 foot OT Penobscot goes 65. Alumacraft, if I am not mistaken is the only manufacturer that still does a lightweight model.

There’s nothing like a Grumman, except a fiberglass sawyer cruiser at 17’9"" in length and 69 lbs in weight. Used both Grumman lightweights. ( 13’,15’, 17’, 18,’ ) and 17’ square stern Grummans in Alaska and the Canadian north and Midwest and in the Ozarks of southeast Missouri and northern Arkansas. Have owned about 40 canoes in the last 70 years and the only thing that beats my Grummans is my Sawyer cruiser.

The Rockaway, Ramapo., Musconetcong, Big Flat Brook, Pequest, upper Passaic and other northern NJ rivers and streams can be pretty shallow in spots and are chock full of rocks and sandbars. I would not consider an aluminum canoe on those rivers.

Aluminum canoes grip the rocks rather than sliding over them. I would look for a used Royalex canoe for those waters. Royalex slides easily over rocks. I’ve paddled a good number of them and would not choose an aluminum canoe and no way would I take my Kevlar canoe on them. Royalex is the way to go on northern NJ rivers. …

Look for a used Royalex Old Town Penobscot or Discovery, or a Mad River Explorer and similar Royalex canoes… You will not have fun on northern NJ rivers in an aluminum canoe unless it is the early spring runoff or just after a very heavy rain. And most of the rivers are only high for a day or two after a heavy rain… They rise and fall quickly. A summer canoe trip on the Rockaway or upper Passaic and most other rivers can be a chore with all of the rocks and sand bars and wil be much more difficult in an aluminum canoe.

After buying a Royalex canoe, check out the book “Garden State Canoeing” by Edward Gertler. He has paddled nearly every potentially navigable stream in NJ and he tells you where the river gauges are and at what point on the gauge that the river becomes navigable.