Guadalupe River (above Canyon Lake), Tx

I would like to do some upstream and then back down paddling on the Guadalupe River above Canyon Lake. I don’t mind lining or portaging, but would like to find the sections that are more “pool and drop” so that I can get in more paddling than walking.

Any suggestions on the best sections would be appreciated.


Looking at it through Google Earth
might help. Often, even little rapids or ledges may be visible, and demarcate the pools in between.

Sometimes you may strike out with GE, either because the space photography is old and coarse, or because the photos were taken in a high water season when small rapids were washed out. The year and time of photos is posted at the bottom of GE screens.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I was kind of able to rule out one section from Google Earth (just too many apparent rapids), but the other sections are not so obvious. Need to get some info on how easy it is to portage the rapids that do show in those sections.

I hope to get up to San Antonio for a New Year’s Day paddle on the San Antonio River with a group that paddles on the Guadalupe fairly often. They can probably give me more info than I can handle.


You may want to try and talk to some of the members of the TCKRA (Texas Canoe Kayak Racing Association). Their form website is paddle24seven. Several members train for the Texas Water Safari and maybe able to let you know which areas would be best to paddle on. I know at least one of the paddlers training for the TWS lives in San Marcos. Hope that this information helps.