Guess I need to secure it better

Get a bit of wind?

At least the boats are still there. I had one try to learn to fly a couple of years ago when the bungees broke in a high wind gust. Nothing that a little fiberglass & epoxy couldn’t fix.

Probably the wind. I was here last week and the tarp was on. But we did have some high winds recently.

They look lonely and cold.

Wind does that.

Have I recently said how much I like looking at snow? … On the screen from my living room in Florida…

pps…that is a nice looking rack…

Wow, tarps and everthing.

I failed to get the Romany and the Elaho under the back porch before the storm started. Combo of honest excuses and some laziness.

I put sawhorses out Monday morning to mark where each ends against the fence. I can just make out the top of the sawhorses. The good news is that I have a nice mini-mountain of snow in front of the deck to slide them over when I pry them loose.

Thanks, I can fit 3 more boats on it. The
vertical uprights were upcycled from a garden I had at our NJ house. They were used as a perimeter wall around the garden. I brought the wood to our Pocono house and assembled it there. I sized it so I could put all the boats I have on it. Have 2 boats here in NJ, and store the rest of them in the Poconos.

Looks like a good day to go for a paddle.

I used to have a similiar rack I used for 3 canoes.
I never had an issue with any type of nasty weather; neither wind, rain, snow, etc.

My technique:
Each canoe was snugly secured at bow & stern to crossbars with rope.
Each canoe had hand hold loops at bow & stern with a painter attached.
Painters were snugly tied to vertical beam on whichever side of rack of the rack the canoes sat on.
A tarp was centered over the top of all the canoes; the tarp was held off the top of canoes by the vertical beams of the rack, slightly taller than necessary…
I tied a long length of para cord at each center and each corner grommet.
The ends of the para cord were tied to stakes (home made/treated oak wood/2 " wide X 1 and and 1/2" long). Took one out after 2 years in the ground; still solid.
The stakes were left in place; para cord was untied only to off load/ unload canoe/canoes from the rack.
Canoes never moved more than an inch one way or another.
With stakes hammered about 12 inches into the ground, they never budged.
Overkill? I don’t know? But in less than 20 minutes I could unsecure all canoes from the setup.
Took about 30 minutes to secure them.
Planning for the worst is the key in my opinion. Too easy to get in a hurry & be lazy.


My set-up ( a saw horse with J cradles) is only for for one kayak, but I cover it with a tarp. I hook bungee cords through the trap grommets, another 2 cords over/under the tarp. and it has held so far.

Wind? Hogwash! It is the Pocono tribal spirits of Delaware River-based Leni Lenape and Shawnee warriors, who come to raise tarps in the night ensuring no highly-secretive invasive species Mohawks from the north have managed to park their inferior elm barked canoes (or even a Pamlico 140) on yon rack.

…Meanwhile, Washington makes plans in the snow to take on the Hessians in Trenton at Christmas;-

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Now that’s the Spirit!

(or two-or-three others, uncorked - God bless, the Pirate of the Poconos, the Captain of the Kills, he’s back!)

I hear the Trenton Hessians were unable to stop Washington cause they were quite ready and able to schnapps themselves.

Or was it because Chef Elmo fed them his Spam Schnitzel Dinner Surprise till the outhouse cried? (And it ain’t, “Mary,” I assure ya!" There goes all that, “Stille Nacht” choral reverence. More of a very, “Un Kleined Nachtmusik.”)

So, next time the unkind No’Easters (or uncouth Uncasses, for that matter) come whippin’ ‘n pluckin’ on the ole tarp strings, ask yerself, “WWFED?” You’ll be fit-to-be-tied. Or fit for a crooked straightjacket.

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