Guidance on a Canoe with some Damage

Hi Folks,

I have a NovaCraft Kevlar (Aramid Lite) canoe with a gel coat that picked up some damage to the gel coat near the stern. We’ve made arrangements for the repair to be completed, but in the meantime we have a short trip planned later this week. Does anyone see any issues in using the canoe in the meantime? Or should we adjust our plans?

There is no damage to the Kevlar - solely to the gel coat.

Photo attached and opinions welcome!


Looks like impact damage so kevlar is also compromised. Will in sink? Doubtful. Look inside also. Conditions you’re going to use it in?

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I would repair it first with marine epoxy and add a strip of fiberglass cloth, Then sand it and paint it.

I was expecting the usual scratches and dings. Yow!

It is unlikely that a damaged Kevlar hull is so damaged that it will leak. However, if performing temporary repairs do not do anything that will make the permanent repair more difficult and expensive.

Be very careful not to do any more damage that may compromise the Kevlar fabric. Fuzzed up Kevlar can be a pain to work with.

Depends on your expectations are. Look like new or just a solid repair.