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I have been researching online for months about the availability of an all around kayak. But, to no avail. I am looking to purchase 2 kayaks. One for me and one for my wife. I grew up on a class 3 but have not paddled in a long time. She is a beginner.
Together we will mostly be doing all day floats on class 1 or 2s. And the occasional small lake. Never in the open water.
I want a kayak that I will enjoy paddling with her in slow water, can fish out of, but can still take on a more fun river without too much fear of destroying the boat when She stays home. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I didn't see a previous post with my same question. Hope I looked far enough back.

…tends to be an unrealistic fantasy.

Would need a little more information for really constructive answers, like both your sizes and your budget. Fishing is best done in a wide sit on top or canoe. Lake and river paddling are faster and dryer in sit inside kayaks that are narrower and accelerate with ease and track well . White water (and it sounds like you intend to go over Class 2 on your “bachelor” outings) is best experienced in a creek boat., which is more maneuverable (thus not as good at tracking straight or sitting to fish ). If you live in a warm water area, there are some sit on tops that are suitable for mild rapids.

There are “hybrids” but they are compromises that do a little of each type of sport but none all that well. This is why a lot of paddlers have multiple boats.

Crossover boats
They do easier whitewater and flat water with equal imperfection, plastic so can take some beating and often have one bulkheaded area in back for stuff. Though dry bags or dry cases for things like food and cell phones are still a plan since leaks can happen.

Most of the major manufacturers have one or two models of crossovers. Take a look at Dagger, Liquid Logic and Wilderness Systems to start.

I appreciate the post. Yes, most of our trips will be in warm water areas. Sounds like I will have to get 2 boats for myself then and one for her. I was just hoping that there was a decent do everything boat out there.

I will look at some of the tougher sit ons if I can find them. I wil also try to find a Dagger dealer in my area so I can hopefully test something like the dagger Katana.


Ok. Searching.

I have a wonderful crossover called
Prijon Cruiser. The thing about it is that it does everything but does nothing really well. It’s a great looking boat but heavy. It has great initial stability but is hard to maneuver. Secondary stability is good but it’s hard to re-enter. It’s fast but it’s long. I’ve paddled it for three years and have compensated for it’s shortfalls. I just like the boat.

Dagger Alchemy
It I just had to have one boat for everything, this would be it. But I’d prefer a sit on top or canoe for fishing.

crossover will do you

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well for your intended usage. Check out Dagger, Liquid Logic, Jackson, and Pyranha website for starters. Once you get hooked you'll be looking for a river runner or creeker in a year or so.

Whitewater sit on tops
Some of the whitewater sit on tops may suit you, especially as you have warm water. Here are a few to check out, NOTE: I have no personal experience with any of them.[]=21

Yeah, I have a feeling you are right about that. Gonna need kayakers anonymous.