guide 147

What do you think the maximum limits of an old town guide 147 are? So for it seems a pretty durable canoe for me, and i bought it for an all around use. However i’m trying to find out how much i can use it for and how much it will take. Or do i need another canoe for some more extreme water.

how extreme?
almost bought a guide when I got into paddling 10 years ago. Vague memories make me think you’d be okay to cl.1, after that you’d probably have maneuvering and dryness issues. It’s really a flatwater boat.

guide 147

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i'm not worried about dryness issues. i don't mind the elements and i'm not affraid to get wet. just wondering how far i can take the canoe. i live pretty close to ohiopyle and know the yough can get pretty mean, slippery rock creeks not that far away either and at high water levels can be tough. just lookingn for what limits i can push this canoe. what would you recommend then for a good allround boat, i couldn't beat the price on the guide when i got it.

You could do the class 2 section above
the falls, but the regular Lower Yough run is really for whitewater boats only.

dryness issues

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it's not you I'm thinking of, it's the handling characteristics of the boat. Dump 10 gallons of water in your guide and paddle some flatwater. Try turning quickly. Now picture this water sloshing around with a mind of it's own while you're trying to maneuver.
Pretty low freeboard as I recall,and heavy. Nice boat, I really liked it for its purpose.


My $.01 is that while you can fill-in with float bags and use a ww_pedestal glued to foam-padded flooring for kneepads and ankle-blocks, but the length…without rocker, is what might get you in “over your head”. …But that been said, the only true way to find out is to try…