Guide suggestions for Downeast Maine

Need help to find a guide for a group of 4 in early Aug time frame.

I know its last minute but had a guide lined up; we thought. Received an estimate to cost in April and finally after several attempts, got a firm price last week. Price increased 80%! I refuse just based on principle to go forward with this guide!

If we can’t make it happen we are prepared to move trip to next year. This really sucks as vacations were booked

for this trip!


Old Quarry
I’m a guide and instructor at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures in Stonington, ME.

We still have availability in August, so perhaps we can help.



Nate Hanson

I was going to suggest he contact Nate Hanson at Old Quarry. Looks like this guy beat me to it!

Ha to your Ha…
I have never met Nate but Old Quarry has a very pleasant campground and staff that cares. The prices are reasonable . Remember everyone has to make a living…even the lobstermen…( and that is not easy lately)

Bologna anyone?

I’ve paddled with Nate from Old Quarry
and can think of no-one better. Knowledgeable, skilled and just generally a nice guy. Highly reccomend.

Did I forget to mention
his color co-ordination? Yellow helmut, blue dry suit and matching Aquanot? He is some wicked sharp!

old quarry rocks
ha! it really does…there are rocks all over the place from the quarry. it’s beautiful.

it’s a very nice campground and a great staging area for day trips or overnights offshore. leave a float plan with bill before you go. been going there for years and have never been disappointed!

thanks stranger.

I agree
Nate is a great paddler, very skilled and a fun guy to hang out with as well. And yeah - and really colour coordinated. :wink:

can’t believe
your mom so shamelessly plugs you under that screen name.

Define down east its not a small area

Farther Downeast
As Scud states above, “Downeast” is a big area. Old Quarry is a good option, but if you want to go farther downeast, please consider Water Walker. We offer custom and scheduled tours of the Great Wass Archipelago and surrounding area. More at:

Got to jump in Lisa’s new boat for a short play! :slight_smile:

Proposed Trip
Trip area was to cover from Penobscot Bay to Lebuc.

That is some hike
for a guided trip.

Thanks for sharing the Whisky . . .
. . . photos. Looks like a great location and a lot of fun! (I’m still paddling an orange Whisky myself, albeit one with a few less miles on it).