GUL Sprayskirt

I have a GUL sprayskirt which performs well but has started to leave a black sticky residue on my boat around the coaming. The rubber to seal the skirt at the coaming is breaking down or something. Has anyone had this problem and do you know of a cleaner I could use to remove the residue from a poly boat?

Try wd-40. It will probably work but if it doesn’t it won’t hurt your boat V.F.

No Petroleum!
Don’t do WD-40. It’ll clean off the residue but you’re going to degrade the sticky rubber and then the neoprene. Try something like 303 Protectant. Won’t hurt boat or neoprene. Odds are it’ll help both.

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wd-40 will not hurt the boat if you clean it off good. Don’t use it on the spray skirt. VRF.