Gulf fishing

I like to know if anyone has ever gone kayak fishing in the gulf in port aransas,tx.If so where do you put-in?

kayak fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast
is a big time activity. Try this link:

These guys are a fine bunch of people and can give you all the ins and outs on where to launch. I think there are even some guides in the Aransas area that provide guiding for kayak fishermen. Though fishing the surf is popular, even more popular is fishing in the bays. A kayak is a fine way to get into shallow-water “lakes” and backwaters off the bays to go after redfish.

Hey Ed
Do what Jerl says. TKF is the site for the Tejas coast. The Lighthouse-to-Lakes Trail is poplular, nice place to launch from. I don’t use a Kayk,but a canoe and Port A is a fun place.